Emerald Nightmare (N) Cleared

Great Job guys clearing normal Emerald Nightmare in two nights, HC on Sunday, great effort by all since release of Legion

Big thank you to all that turned up for the first week of raiding, I know some of you where working this week but look forwards to seeing you on sunday or for next weeks raids.

I will be doing videos of our kills next week, so make sure you are all looking your best lol


Viktoryn – Warrior

Eowynnah – Druid


Taelun – Paladin

Jote – Druid

Lillithè – Druid

Higlyph – Druid

Laduni – Shaman

Melee DPS:

Sylathus – Demon Hunter

Taìho – Monk

Exxellio – Paladin

Bantz – Rogue

Shamanneke – Shaman

Totemfest – Shaman

Annelia – Paladin

Range DPS:

Altscar – Warlock

Magimerc – Mage

Kriztal – Hunter

Alphinaud – Mage

Shivey – Priest

Shaquilda – Warlock

Thaurissaan – Shaman

TweetHunter – Hunter