Guild Charter

General Guild Rules

We expect mature, respectful behavior from all members at all times. This applies to all guild and game play activities. Violation will be punishable by raid suspensions or removal from the guild as appropriate to the player and situation. All complaints from players in or outside of the guild will be investigated. Player conflicts must be resolved by both parties or will result in removal of one or both players from the guild. It should not be required, but an impartial officer can be requested to mediate if needed.


Social members and raiders on a trial are subject to a 2 week trial and are expected to abide by the guild guidelines. Any one we feel that does not fit In with the structure of the guild as it was intended for, or causes too much drama will be removed from the guild

Raid Rules and Requirements

Progression Raid Team

In the progression raid team there will be no friend invites, no cross realm invites and no guild mergers, so to be a part of the progression raid team players must be in the guild and meet the requirements to join in progression raids. This is to provide stability and structure within the progression raid team and the progression toward mythic raiding.

Social/Alt Raid Team

In the Social/Alt raid team, friend invites are welcome and cross realm is allowed but again there will be no guild mergers. This is due to the fact that we have found numerous times before that they do not work. As long as players meet the minimum requirements they can participate.

Raiding Schedule:

Progression raids will be 8:15-11:00 Server time on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday

Social/Alt raids will be 8:15-11:00 Server time on Friday

You are expected to make your own way to the instance and be outside of it by the raid start time. Please do not expect a summon.

General Behaviour

We expect mature respectful behaviour from all members at all times. Keep Discord and the in-game raid channel clear when the raid leader is going over tactics or the master looter is assigning loot. Raids are not the place for prolonged discussion of tactics or loot. Short comments during a raid on improvements to a tactic or a concern over loot are encouraged but should not extend beyond that. The Raid Leader or Master Looter’s word is final on matters such as these.

Minimum Raid Requirements:

  • Everyone to log Discord

  • Boss mods installed and any other addons we may ask you to get that will help on encounters

  • Know what is expected from you in the fight before you go in, DO your home work

  • Minimum item level 930+ for Antorus, the Burning Throne. HC 66+ traits in your artifact weapon 7.3

  • Min of 75% Attendance

  • Do at least 70% of the bench mark DPS/HPS (applies to progression raid team only, we will be using the new Raidbot simulator to benchmark players)

  • Bring your own food, flasks and potions as resources will be scarce at first and the guild will not be able to supple this benefit at the start

  • Be gemmed and enchanted

  • Have RC loot council installed


The in-game calendar will still be use to schedule raids, Players will have accept invite on the calendar to attend the raid and it will be your responsibility to put yourself as decline or out if you are unable to attend that raid.

If you are not be able to attend the planned raid or if you have to be away for a period of time please use our Facebook group page or pm one of the officers, Please make sure this is done before going away as if you don’t you may find yourself demoted when you come back.

Within the Progression raid team attendance is important to provide stability, structure and progression towards mythic, so high attendance is needed to achieve this, Where attendance has been seen to be a problem is the situation where players turn up as and when they please or decide to take a break because they have all the gear they need and this is usually due to the fact that killing the last boss on HC, these players will find themselves demoted to social!


-Viktoryn and Havoki Raid Leaders


Loot rules in Legion: Same, but different

Loot Rules

We use RC loot council and we are using a BISF (Better in Slot For) Spreadsheet for Antorus, the Burning Throne

First of all we are a tight-knit guild with many mature players and friends and as such there isn’t much loot drama to speak of, People are usually quite good at passing on stuff they don’t need or someone else needs more.

Main Spec > Trialist > Off Spec, but as an extra insurance against bad RNG and someone getting two or more item in a raid we will limit ourselves to one piece of loot per raid. However ML will override if it is (BISF) better in slot for someone over someone that has a no star rating.

The other small change is based on the fact that people kept asking the ML to roll out certain drops first, so that they could use their bonus roll if they didn’t win. In those situations you should always do your bonus roll first before we start handling the drops. There is nothing worse than having someone win the drop and then see the same player bonus roll that very same item. It’s a loss for the guild as well as the losing players. In short; if the boss has an item you deem worthy of a bonus roll, you go ahead and roll when the boss dies – not after the loot is done. This will be monitored by Exorsus Raid Tools, although I doubt much policing should be needed now that you know our stance.

Tier items

As we don’t want to encourage players to pass on perfectly good loot because of the one piece of loot/raid just to set themselves up for a tier roll, we’re keeping a separate counter here. That means a limitation of 1 tier part/raid unless no one else needs it. This is also the one area where the Loot Master will intervene if needed. For instance if it’s your 3rd part to your set bonus and the person you roll against would get a 2-set bonus then the loot master will award the person that would complete a 2-set bonus over someone getting a 3rd part. Again, we rarely have any problems discussing these things when needed, but you should be aware that the rule is in place.


  • MS > Trialist > OS
  • Bonus rolls before ML rolls
  • 1 item limit unless no one else needs, ML will override if it is (BISF) better in slot for someone over someone that has a no star rating
  • 1 tier part limit unless no one else needs, ML might override.

The aim is to ensure fair distribution of loot while maximizing the power we get from gear. This guild usually handles loot in a very mature way where people gladly let someone have a drop if it benefits them more. This sort of knowledge and behaviour is encouraged, and the extra rules are there to ensure fair distribution, not to punish players. No system is perfect, and there is no way to effectively rule out RNG.


-Altscar Master Looter


The Zelandonii Team would like to thank you for your time reading our guild charter and hope you will enjoy your stay in the Zelandonii Guild