Moving Forwards

Guild Charter Updated

The Guild Charter has had some changes made to some of the rules, like min requirement, raid attendance and an additional layer of protection to loot distribution for when Antorus is open on the 28th of this month.


With the expansion release revealed and class buff coming back we are opening recruitment as it would be nice to fill the roster with classes we don’t currently have like Monks and Rogues.

We will be looking for 1 or 2 Melee Monk or Rogue and a couple more range player Mage, Shadow Priest and Ele Shaman, we will be looking for one of these to have a strong healing OS ie Monk, Priest or Shaman or if we get another healer they will need a strong DPS OS, as we are finding that we can’t do Mythic some nights due to too many healers not turning up at the same time and the team is not being able to raid.

Some might say it a bit early, but i don’t think it is, it would be nice to fill these spot before the release of BFA, why? To be able to retain the players we recruit so that we have a good team that works well together, not trying to fill these spots on release and having players leave as we are not what they are looking for or they are not what we are looking for.

So We are Recruiting:

Mage high
Monk (healer) high
Monk (dd) high
Priest (Holy or Disc) low
Priest (dd) high
Rogue high
Shaman (elemental) high
Shaman (restoration) low

We are also starting to tighten down on players’ attendance, the original 50% attendance was there for a couple of good loyal players that work shifts etc. and the management team are aware of their shift patterns. But as of late far too many players have started only coming on HC full clear runs and not sign up for the rest of the week without informing the management team of why or what is happening or not even turning up at all.

Raid Roster…/1KladpZ3aPZO7PuR2G4inNm7_kK…/edit…

As you can see on the raid roster some players have been removed as they haven’t turned up for quite some time, players with low attendance are being monitored from now on and we are upping our minimal attendance to 75% but allowing the current players with who we have an agreements with, to continue with that agreement as they fall in between the old 50% and the new 75%

All other current and new raiders will have to adhere to the new minimum 75% attendance this will still keep us within the casual raiding guild bracket as many semi- and hardcore guilds require a lot higher attendance. And please make sure you inform one of the management team if you are going on holiday or will be away for a period of time, so that we know and you don’t find yourself removed from the raid team.