TOS Main Spec Healing Team

Over the last month or two we have had a few healers leave the guild, new players join wanting to heal and with couple of main raiders wanting to switch to a healing role. This has been great as there were times we were lacking in healing, but realistically we cannot go in to the next tier of raid with 6-7 MS healer, even with a couple of them going OS DPS when it comes to loot the ones in OS DPS would want to roll on MS healing gear which isn’t going to work or be fair.

So, after some careful consideration we have chosen 5 Main Spec Healers for going forward in to Tomb of Sargeras, those that didn’t not make the main spec healing team will need to focus on their DPS spec. We will help in any which way we can within the next couple of weeks getting them prepared as much as possible for the 21st and given time after the release of Tomb of Sargeras to adjust to their new role (don’t worry if your dps isn’t that great at the start), or if they did switch toons might want to consider going back to their original toon.

This was done with a heavy heart as it is not easy to tell someone that they didn’t make it and for those that did make it through many factors was taken in to consideration.

Main Healing Team:







OS healers

Off Spec healer loot priority in priority order





OS Tanks

Also, we have included off spec tank loot priority in priority order





If anyone would like to talk to one of the officers about this, please speak to Altscar, Havoki or Viktoryn