Welcome to the Zelandonii Guild Website

About us

Welcome to the Zelandonii alliance guild on the Silvermoon-EU server. Zelandonii was created in 2004 during Vanilla out of the flames of Guardian Angels on the Draenor-EU server.

Many of the members within our ranks have been part of the Zelandonii guild since the day it was created. Zelandonii has gone through many changes through the years, including transferring the guild from Draenor-EU server to the Silvermoon-EU server in 2013.

We consider ourselves to be a friendly and mature guild with a strong social community.



We are currently recruiting raiders for the Legion expansion and are looking for few DPS to bolster our roster, We firmly believe that skill and mindset are the most important things, and would consider a player with the right attitude over any class/role need.

We are always looking for like-minded people to join our community, social players are always welcome and we run many social events including social/alt raids, M+’s and achivement runs.

The ideal applicants will be friendly and mature, with an eagerness to participate in guild activities and chat, so if you are interested in social or progression raiding then apply and join our guild today.