About Zelandonii

For Longevity,

– Keep it Simple

About us

Zelandonii was created back in Vanilla on the EU Draenor server and the guild transferred to Silvermoon in 2013, the reason for our longevity is based on friendships and keeping drama within the guild to a minimum.

Some of our members have been part of this Guild for many years and a few since the day it was created. We consider ourselves to be a friendly, mature guild with a strong social community, we are always looking for like-minded people to join our community, all players are welcome, so if you are interested in being a casual member or want to raid in a friendly relaxed environment then Zelandonii might just be for you.

We are a casual raiding guild focusing on HC, we firmly believe that skill and mindset are the most important things and would consider a player with the right attitude over any class or role needed.

Main Raid Nights

Our main raid days are Wed-Thur-Sun – 8:15pm > 11:00pm server time. Food, Flasks and Guild Repairs are provided for these raid nights and you are required to bring potions and ensure your gear is enchanted. Our main goal is to clear Heroic in a timely fashion.

Social Raid

Once the preset HC team has cleared HC, we will open up these raid nights to all members of the guild giving everyone a chance to get gear, see the fights and above all have fun.

*min ilvl will be required, but easily obtained from doing current LFR and M+ Mondays

Mythic Plus

M+ Mondays, there always a group or two running all levels M+ dungeons from casual members to main raiders, But we have set aside one day a week to make this a guild activity and to ensure we can help as many players as possible to get at least one Mythic plus done for the week